Helpful Hints!

Here is everything you need to know! 

  1. DON'T THROW ANYTHING AWAY! If you have a question, ask before you toss.

  2. APPRAISALS. Generally, if it is a taxable estate, you need a certified appraiser. We can arrange for appraisals and the cost is paid up front by the family.

  3. REMOVE ALL ITEMS THAT ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THE SALE. It is the family members responsibility to physically remove all items not being sold PRIOR to the initial call. We contract estate sales based on quality and quantity of what remains.

  4. IN HOME CONSULTATION. We will arrange a time to discuss the details of conducting your sale, including, scheduling, recordkeeping, method of payments received, contract review, sale dates and times. Transparency and mutual trust is one of our highest priorities.



  7. PROVIDE ACCESS TO YOUR HOME. Keys, garage door opener, security code to arm and disarm. We go to work right away to research, stage, price, organize and market your sale.

  8. SETTING UP & ATTENDING THE SALE. We ask family members NOT to attend the sale. Potential buyers are often intimidated by the presence of the family and hesitate to buy. We welcome you to tell friends and family about your sale but please be absent from the work area during setup. This allows our team to work without distractions.

  9. SALE DAY! We will customize a sale date for our market. Our sales are normally Friday and Saturday. Sunday is reserved for final sale, cleanup (company tables, displays ect.) and pick up of large items.

  10. WE WORK HARD FOR YOU! We enjoy finding new homes for your treasures.

  11. CONCLUSION OF THE SALE. Client may choose to keep leftovers, have them donated or have us coordinate a “buy out”. We can address this in detail in the contract.

  12. CASH YOUR CHECK. Once the accounting is complete, we will mail or hand deliver your check! Funds are usually available within 10 days.